Wedding Invitations
Taditional inner and outer envelopes- “simple non-flourished”

Outer Envelope

four (4) lines:  Name,  Street Address,  City/State,  Zip

Inner Envelope

one (1) line:    Name of individual or couple


. Additional flourishing  (ask for quote)

. Additional lines —————-  $.95 per line

. Metallic ink ——————– $.25  per envelope

. Lined envelopes ————–  no extra charge

. Stuff(traditional invitation) and stamp envelope (extra charge for multiple layers)———-   $1.50 per invitation

Outer Envelope Only $3.50
Return Address (to be printed on envelopes)  $25
Wedding Invitation Design– Includes three(3) revisions to the design.  After three revisions, you will be charged $50 per revision. $395
Invitation (Names Only) $100
Response card with address  $125
Monogram design starts at $150
Name to be printed on Calling Cards/Escort Cards/Note cards $50
Place Cards (first and last name) $1.75 each
Mono-line Addressing- “budget bride – mono line” $2.25 each

Policies For Calligraphy Services: 
For more flourished addressing, please contact me for a quote.

Please provide 15% additional envelopes per job.

Please provide 15% additional place cards per job.

For large hand calligraphy jobs a deposit of $100 (nonrefundable) is due prior to adding your name to my schedule.  Your deposit goes toward your balance due.

Please allow 100 envelopes to be addressed per week.

Rush jobs (less than 1 week time allowed) will be charged 25% of the total cost of the order.

After your job has been completed and delivered/mailed to you, there will be a $15 setup fee for each additional set of names submitted for addressing.

A setup fee of $50 is required on all small jobs.

When selecting your wedding invitations, place cards or other paper items,  please be aware that soft, fuzzy, handmade or textured paper may cause the ink to run or feather.     Any surface needing treatment will incur an extra fee of $0.50 per item.

Custom colors are available for a one time fee of $25.

The client is responsible for all delivery and shipping expenses.

Extra time may be required for large orders and/or extra items (place cards, seating charts, menus, etc.).

Helpful Hints When Submitting Names and Addresses:

Please submit a typed list of all the names and addresses of your guests (list should be 100% complete at time of submission).

  • Use a 14-point font in Times New Roman or Courier.   Type your list exactly as you want the names and addresses to appear on the outer and inner envelopes.
  • Please use Microsoft Word for creating your list.    Please convert Excel spreadsheets to Word document format (label, see below).    If you are unable to do this, I can do this for you for a fee of $20.  
  • Do not use all caps.
  • Number you addresses.
  • Put the zip code on its own line.
  • Do not use initials or abbreviations (except for titles).   Spell out first, middle and last names, street names, apartment, place, court, avenue, and states.
  • Do not use “&” in place of “and” (for example – do not use Mr. & Mrs. Smith).
  • Always include titles (for example: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Dr., etc.)
  • Pelase obtain the correct title for clergy and  military guests.
  • Professional designations such as Esq., MD, PhD, etc. are not appropriate for wedding stationery.   However, a title such as Dr. is appropriate. “Dr.” may be used instead of “Doctor.” “And Family”, “And Guest”, “And Escort” and children’s names do not go on the outer envelope.  These phrases and names should appear on inner envelopes in an envelope set.   If you have only outer envelopes (no inner envelopes), then it is acceptable.
  • “Sr.”, “Jr.” and “III” only appear on the outer envelope after the man’s last name never on the inner envelope.
  • Inner envelopes should include a title and last name only (except for invited children younger than 17 in which case on the first name is used). Children older than 18 should receive their own invitiation, even if they are still living at home.
  • Use home addresses only.
  • I will address your envelopes exactly as you submit them.
  • Crane’s Blue Book of Stationery by Stephen L. Feinber is a good resource for other specific questions.

Sample Addresses

Please use the following as a guide when preparing your list.

Outer Envelope Inner Envelope
1)  Doctor and Mrs. Phillip Thomas

709 Arlington Court

Madison, Mississippi


Doctor and Mrs. Thomas
2)  Mr. and Mrs. William Smith

24 Waterstone Place

Jackson, Mississippi


Mr. and Mrs. Smith
3)  Mr. and Mrs. Robert White

4013 Southwestern Boulevard

Dallas, Texas


Mr. and Mrs. White
John and Amy(eldest child first)

What I Do

Scripted Calligraphy creates beautiful hand penned calligraphy for a number of different occasions and uses: wedding invitations, placecards, announcements, gift tags, name tags, custom gifts, and custom applications presented in a number of different calligraphy styles. To discuss further contact Claire via e-mail. For information on prices and styles, go to the info page.

Where I Am

Jackson, MS

Phone 601-594-8504